sign up for a primary call group

Only sign up for ONE call group. 

This instruction applies, even if you want to attend more than one call per month.  

Click link below to sign up.

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Please listen to the following clip before attending your first call:

Consultation Call-In info

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Zoom Call-In Info

By Phone:


     Meeting ID:  717 606 4767

          (Press # for participant ID)

By Computer (preferred):

Of note, all consultation calls have the same log-in information.

consultation call requirements

  • A total of 12 consultation calls will be offered to each call group
  • Generally, approximately 12-14 people can be in a call group
  • Each group will be offered 1 call per month.
  • If a participant would like to attend more than one call, they can join an open call group for their second call per month.
    • Available calls can be found under the “TF-CBT with Dr. Meyer” tab (password TFfun!).  Open the Calendar section.
    • Select any call that works with your schedule.
    • You do not have to let me know in advance that you’ll be joining a 2nd call
    • This second call should be about 2 weeks away from the original (i.e., try to spread out the consultation experience)
    • Credit will not be given for attending two calls in one day, and two calls in one week are discouraged


  • Participants must attend 75% of calls (9 out of 12) to qualify for certification
  • Must be present for at least 50 minutes of a 60 minute call to get credit (80%)
  • Most people present two times over the course of the calls. Must present at least once to graduate from the consult call process.
  • Attend as many calls as you want, but you can only get credit for 2 per calendar month
  • For those doing 2 calls per month, note that you must attend consultation calls for at least 6 months before you are eligible for certification


  • All participants will be asked to give at least one case presentation to the group (about 10-15 minute presentation followed by feedback)
    • See sample presentation handout #17.
    • An electronic copy can be found under the “TF-CBT with Dr. Meyer” tab (password TFfun!).  Open the Presentations section.
    • Try to make sure you’ve conducted at least 4-5 TF-CBT specific sessions before your presentation date
  • It is best to have an active case before participating in calls
  • All participants are expected to participate (i.e., be vocal) in the calls
  • Please do NOT sign up for a presentation if you do not have an active case
  • It’s very important that if you sign up for a presentation slot that you 1) attend that session and 2) come prepared with your presentation